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Catching Up

  So much stuff has happened since I last had an internet connection that I decided I would list all of the shorter things together here and elaborate on the more involved things in individual future posts (if I remember).  So here goes…

●  Vess sold her car to a scrapyard before we left Arizona.  It had a lot of things that needed replacing and she was toying with the idea of doing it herself.  Expense and lack of time or tools available pretty much made the decision for her.  I feel bad for her because she loved that car and it got us through some tough times.  As a side effect, we had to give away many of our already streamlined belongings before moving out because we had one less “container” to tow things back in.

By the time you are reading this, this car is in a million pieces.

●  After a grueling three days of driving, we made it back to North Carolina.  Luckily, we got back soon enough that we had a little more than three days to catch up with our friends and family that we missed so much.  Unluckily, our internal clocks were still fucked enough that our schedules were completely out of sync with everyone else.  Still, it was comforting to be around people who actually knew me and people I didn’t have to clean up my accent for.  And grass!  And trees!!  And squirrels!!!  AND RAIN!!!!

You step in a ring with this guy, you're coming out in a bodybag.

●  My external hard drive on my computer went kaput.  For some reason it just stopped showing up on my computer unless I go to disk management.  Suddenly it shows up as not initialized and unallocated despite me doing nothing to it that I know of.  I ran recovery software and can’t seem to fix the problem.  Basically, this means that all of my designs I created and most of the photos that I took after we moved to Arizona is, at the moment, as good as lost.  Hopefully I can figure something out but It’s not looking good.  I should have gotten a backup for my backup.

●  Somewhere between Charlotte and Baltimore and on a VERY tight schedule, our GPS decided to completely fuck us by giving wrong directions before completely dying.  After a mini-meltdown by Vess and buying several maps that didn’t help with the extensive heavy construction we were encountering along the way, we bought the cheapest GPS we could find at 4:30 in the morning.

●  We made it to Maryland and were approved for the apartment we were gunning for.  Actually, it was our second choice but our first choice rejected us before we even left Phoenix.  It required staying in a hotel for two nights while the application was being processed, but I think it was worth it.  Plus: WE CAN HAVE OUR CAT!

Unfortunately, the bag of grits had to be smuggled across state lines.

 ●  As of this week, Vess is now officially a member of the automotive workforce.  I could start a rant here about how it turns out that a man with her exact same qualifications makes four dollars an hour more than she does according to her coworkers, but does anyone really need to be reminded that this shit still goes on?  Still, she is making more than I ever did even in my best days and she is doing what she loves and worked so hard for.  Hopefully her employers will see the potential in her that I do and that payscale will get evened out after her 90 day apprenticeship is over.  One can always hope, right?

●  Speaking of employment, I went to the closest restaurant within walking distance and put in an application.  They aren’t hiring at the moment but neither was the last job I had and that didn’t stop me from harassing the shit out of them.  Amazingly, it’s headed by a CIA trained chef that would be a dream for me to work for.  I wrote a heartfelt resume letter in hopes that I will be given a chance to show what I can do.  I turned my application in yesterday evening so I haven’t heard anything back yet.  But, like I said, one can always hope.

  Well, that’s about all of the little things going on right now.  Hopefully I’ll soon have a chance to tell you about all of the big things that happened.  Thanks go to everyone for their continued support.


3 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Fuzz

    The Fuzz actually has feminist tendencies when it applies to kinfolk’s pay scales. So any further comments could cause this blog to be flagged.
    I must admit though, the CIA thing threw me for bit.

  2. I like imagining a ninja dude in fatigues in the kitchen kicking butt. Glad you made it safe, in spite of GPS frustration. The new place looks nice!

  3. robin ⋅

    bummer about the loss of design work. Nextime put it on a disc, dude. Your work is VALUABLE.
    thanks for the up date.

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