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Will Cook Food For Work

My job search hasn’t been going so well.

  Today I hoofed it around the neighborhood looking for work.  There’s a little 50 year old Italian bistro right down the street within walking distance that I thought looked promising.  We even did a little reconnaissance and ate there once to see if the food was something I would enjoy getting into.  It was delicious!  I shaved, put on a nice dress shirt, some black slacks, donned my chef shoes and set out to conquer the world… unfortunately, the world wasn’t having any of it.

  Turns out, they had just run an ad in the paper and hired a full kitchen staff at about the same time I was moving boxes into my apartment.  That is what I seem to be running into a lot right now.  Every website or restaurant I visit has the same story.  “Missed it by that much.”

  If it comes down to it, I know that a major retail warehouse in the area is hiring like crazy and starting at $11 an hour, to boot.  Not a bad starting wage in this location by any means.  It would require a little driving, though, and that could be a problem.  Vess’ car is on its last legs and I really wanted something within walking distance for when the inevitable breakdown happens.  Her school isn’t close, so my work should be.  There is an elaborate mass-transit system in place here, so that is always an option.

  I really want a restaurant job because experience is needed before the culinary school I want to go will even look at an application.  There are still quite a few places in the area, so I haven’t thrown in the towel yet.  It’s just going to take a little more effort and a lot more perseverance.

  Fortunately, I’ve got good walking shoes.


5 responses to “Will Cook Food For Work

  1. robin ⋅

    humm, maybe in a couple of weeks they will have weeded out a few slackers – did you even get to leave your contact info?

  2. kumikuhr ⋅

    I’m with Robin — always leave contact info so you can pick up the slack(ers).

  3. Woodie ⋅

    I had the same thought! Truly good workers are hard to find, you’ll find something soon. And you can always trade up, if you find something better.

  4. dont give up! keep going back and smiling …someone will give in2 ur charms sooner or later….especially if they b/come familiar w/u! 🙂 -holly

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