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Stock Boy

  Now that we had found a place to live, we needed to get a few “essentials” since it was unfurnished.  God forgive me, I went to the only place in a strange new town that I knew had cheap furnishing.  I broke down and went to Walmart.

  Now mind you, I am staunchly opposed to Walmart.  I hiss anytime someone even mentions the name.  I haven’t even stepped foot in a Walmart in 5 years after seeing Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices.  Truth be told, I was desperate and didn’t want to sleep on the floor that night.

  Having sold out, we reluctantly went inside the “Big W” and set out to furnish our new digs.

  The first thing I noticed was that Walmart hasn’t changed in my 5 year absence.  They all look the same, no matter where you are.  The only difference was that this one was bigger and sold liquor.

  The second thing I noticed is that people have a hard time understanding my accent.  I found myself, more than once, having to slow down and repeat myself so that I was intelligible.

   The trick to this shopping trip was that we knew whatever we bought would probably have to be left behind since both cars were at almost full capacity on the way here.  We needed small and compact, but functional. 

  First things first: We needed a bed.  We were able to find an inflatable mattress that fit the bill.  It folded up nicely into a small duffel and it came with an automatic pump that could be used on other things besides the mattress.

  Second: We wanted a TV.  We found the smallest, cheapest TV they had and packed it in the cart.  It was even small enough to be crammed somewhere in the car for our next move. 

  Here I am hooking it up:

"This entertainment center brought to you in part by: Cardboard."

  Third: A computer desk.  Luckily we found a 4 foot table that folded in half and had collapsible legs.  We could strap this thing to the roof of the car if we needed to.  A standard folding metal chair completed the set.

  Fourth: A phone.  We found a $4 phone and purchased a magicJack.  After I had an internet connection established, we would have free long distance and no phone bill.  I can’t say enough good things about this product.  Definitely helpful if you’re going to be moving a lot.

  Fifth: A place to sit in the living room (or anywhere else for that matter.)  This is where the plan kind of fell apart.  The best option we could find was two bean-bag chairs.  They were relatively cheap, could be easily moved from room-to-room and can be downright comfy once you break them in.  Unfortunately, we will have to give them away to the neighbors or something before we move due to their bulk.

  All in all, it was a pretty good and relatively cheap haul.  I think most of the things can be brought with us on our next trip.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to wash the stink of Walmart off of me and inflate our new bed!


3 responses to “Stock Boy

  1. robin ⋅

    hook up with the goodwill

  2. hahah! that pic is priceless!!!!! love it! 🙂 – holly

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