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Meals on Wheels: Boudin

  While traveling across the highways of Louisiana we decided to stop somewhere for some gas and a much needed leg-stretch.  We stumbled across this.


24 hour drive-through liquor?  Being from a state where liquor is only bought in ABC stores, I never knew such a thing existed.  Had we stumbled into some sort of parallel universe?

  After I regained my wits, we headed inside.  While walking around I noticed some unfamiliar smells and found myself in front of a batch of interesting foods.  Vess walked up as I exclaimed, “They have tamales and boudin!!!”

“What’s boudin?”

“I don’t know but they have it!”

I have to admit that I had never been that excited over something that I didn’t know what it was.  It looked sort of cylindrical and from what I gathered from the sign, it was definitely Cajun.  It was wrapped in foil so that was about all I could deduce.  It was next to some tamales, which I definitely love, so how bad could it be?  Next came the decision of which kind to get.  Hmm… sausage, shrimp or crawfish?  Being in Louisiana we had to go with the crawfish.  I mean, crawfish don’t get any fresher than that!  We purchased our mystery meal and headed back to the car to unravel our surprise.

  What exciting new cuisine was waiting for us?  What new flavors were hiding in this foil-wrapped package?  It was like Christmas had come early!  The suspense was killing me!  We peeled back the wrapping in anticipation and revealed…

"Paging Dr. Freud..."

Um, yeah.  The stench filled the car almost immediately.  This John Holmes-ian fish stick smelled like a guppy’s armpit (or, I guess, finpit.)  Vess hesitated, so I volunteered for the first taste.

  The texture could only be described as squishy.  I expected a crisp outside but instead got something kind of stretchy.  All of the filling slid around under the clear casing as I tried to completely separate the bite in my mouth from the rest of the “sausage.”  I noticed that the filling also included rice in addition to the crawfish.  The good news was that it tasted a little better than it smelled.  You could definitely taste the crawfish along with some Cajun spices.  The spices were on the mild side and only a little bit of heat from cayenne came through.

  After 2 bites, Vess and I called it quits.  I’m sure these things are delicacies, but the smell was just too hard to overcome while packed in a car.  Shortly thereafter, it became a roadside meal for a wayward armadillo.  I would definitely try one again, but maybe I’ll go for the shrimp or sausage next time.

The lesson: Don’t buy mystery meats wrapped in 3 layers of foil from gas stations, kids.


6 responses to “Meals on Wheels: Boudin

  1. WOW!!! 24 hr beverages! we need 2 move! 😉
    not so sure about the treat u picked up….sounds UGG. but it is FUN 2 try new things! – holly

  2. PC ⋅

    Very interesting!

  3. Woodie ⋅

    I LOVE trying new things, but sometimes it doesn’t work out so good… I remember starts plate full of raw meat I ended up with en Germany, when I got adventurous, but for every event like that theres been an equally tasty new surprise! Love that you’re out there, trying new things!

  4. robin ⋅

    LOL – a guppies armpit!!! love it!!

  5. Fuzz

    I love dem Gasland Hotdogs

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