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Mixed Greens

  Less than two weeks before the big move and things are getting interesting.

  The amount of work that needs to be done is daunting.  It’s ok because as long as you keep your nose to the grindstone, you don’t have time to think about the gravity of the situation.  Vess and I have one more work week left, and then a free week to make final preparations.  Here, during those last few moments, is when people really start to show their true colors.

  It started out innocently enough.  Maybe there’s a random comment at work during break.  “Oh, the housing market is bad,” or “Culinary school is expensive.”  Though they are painfully obvious, these comments are fine.  It’s a generalized statement.  It could be interpreted as fact, even… but then it turns more personalized.  It’s like they want to get in their last little parting shot while they can.  Now it’s “You’ll never be able to sell that house,” and “You’re wasting your time with culinary school.”  I was even told once that with a culinary arts degree I might be able to get a job managing at that bastion of high cuisine, Olive Garden.  I don’t know if people want to see us fail, or have no confidence in us whatsoever.  Maybe they just don’t understand exactly what we are trying to achieve.  I guess it’s the glory of the “I told you so” moment.  Some people love to shoot down your hopes and dreams and it hurts, especially when it comes from someone you love.

There is, thankfully, a flip side to this.

  There are also those people who believe in you.  The ones that are happy for you and hope to see you succeed.  Sometimes it comes from people whom you would least suspect.  In a sea of naysayers, supportive people are few and far between but they are what keep you going.  When you hear that someone has confidence in you it’s hard not to have a little more confidence in yourself.  They are a rare breed but they’re special.  They are the ones that you will love and remember for the rest of your life.

  Vess and I have been told about the futility of our kooky little plan for a few years, but that doesn’t bother me so much now.  We’re nervous, scared and sometimes feel alone.  The thing is, as long as you have people, no matter how few, that are rooting for you, you don’t feel so alone.  Sure, we’re moving thousands of miles away from these people, but they will always be in our hearts.  Hopefully, one day, we too will get to have our  “I told you so” moment.


One response to “Mixed Greens

  1. kumikuhr

    You two go for it! You won’t know what happens until you try. I went back to college at the grand old age of 30 and have never looked back. I also moved countries aged 20 and that too was the best thing I ever did. Ignore the nay-sayers and don’t let their doubts cloud your vision. Love to you and Vess. xx KK

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