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Preheat: An Introduction

  In two months my wife and I are quitting our jobs and moving cross-country to Phoenix, AZ.  She wants to be an automotive technician (say “mechanic” around these people and you run the risk of getting slapped) and I want to be a chef.  I love to cook with a passion and it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.  Unfortunately, my qualifications are kind of lacking.  I’ve never even worked in a restaurant and I’m scared shitless. 

  I’ve been a graphic designer for the past 14 years.  I was lucky enough to get a job straight out of highschool, although I’ve always been jealous of those that were able to get a proper art degree.  Well, after a long hiatus, I guess it’s time to further my education – albeit in a different area than originally planned.  Instead of college, it’s culinary school. 

  Culinary school is still a ways off.  My wife (netnamed Vess for anonymity) has to finish her training first before we even know where we will be living.  I’m nervous, but I have high hopes.  I created this blog to chronicle our trials and tribulations during this complete life shift.  I foresee many greasy spoon cafes, much onion chopping and mountains of dirty dishes in my near future, but you have to pay your dues.

This is our chance for a new beginning.  We may succeed or we may fail, but we HAVE to try.


4 responses to “Preheat: An Introduction

  1. Vi ⋅

    To be honest – some of the funnest jobs I’ve ever had have been at restaurants. The kitchen part most especially. While it is hard and pays little – a good kitchen staff can make for the funnest time you’ll ever have at work. Love it!

  2. Woodie ⋅

    Looking forward to following along on your adventure!

  3. kumikuhr

    I wish you and Vess SO MUCH all the best and hope the cooking inspires the artist in you. I think your graphic design is delicious and hope you don’t ever give that up either.

  4. azulparsnip ⋅

    just getting to this point has been an adventure, I’m excited to see what happens next.

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